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Get 1 FREE month of over 100 online yoga and wellness classes and then continue for only $28 per month! New classes are added every month. 


Anytime Anywhere

Practice at home or on the go and create a stable daily routine. This Online Subscription features hundreds of classes from our 200hr and 300hr Yoga Teacher Trainings, plus many more from other ULU Yoga instructors and collaborators.

Intro to Yoga

Learn beginner yoga poses to get you started on your journey to a new life of health and wellness. 15min Intro

Hatha Yoga

The perfect balance of physical, mental and energetic elements to create a holistic body/mind practice. 90min Hatha

Vinyasa Yoga

Connect traditional yoga postures with breathe and movement to create a dynamic flow. 90min Vinyasa

Ashtanga Yoga

Practice the classical Ashtanga Primary Series by Pantabi Jois plus modified classes for beginners. 75min Ashtanga

Yin Yoga

Hold poses for longer lengths to stretch the deep connective tissues like fascia and release tension. Dragonfly Tutorial


Find peace of mind, stay centered, grounded, and gain more focus and clarity when life is challenging. Meditation Intro


Examine the correct alignment and technique of traditional yoga poses plus their various health benefits. Dancer Pose


Gain control of your energy/chi or life force through breathing techniques to restore harmony and balance. Nadi Shodhana


Catalyse your spiritual growth with lessons of empowerment and authenticity sprinkled with humor. 

also includes...

Aerial Yoga

Experience the freedom of flying by mixing traditional yoga with acrobatics and physical therapy. Inverted Pigeon

Acro Yoga

Challenge yourself and have fun while learning to connect, trust, find balance and harmony with others. Reverse Throne

SUP Yoga

You may not have an ocean at home but you can learn the skills to master this beautiful practice. Coming Soon


  • Chose from over 100 classes
  • A dozen styles and subjects
  • Beginner and advanced levels 
  • Practice anytime anywhere
  • Get one free month trial


  • Create a strong body with hatha & vinyasa
  • Cultivate peace of mind with meditation
  • Learn the basics with beginner classes
  • Get empowered with inspirational podcasts
  • Develop a stable routine with daily practice

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Join thousands of ULU Yogis around the world and treat yourself to the gift of health and wellness. Take a journey and start a new life as an authentic yoga practitioner.


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