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50hr Online Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

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Become a Yoga Alliance certified aerial yoga instructor

  • Learn traditional style aerial vinyasa yoga
  • Do workshops in aerial acro and restorative
  • Review aerial choreography and performance
  • Learn to make tripods and do aerial outdoors
  • Practice teaching and get detailed feedback
  • Attend daily live classes and q&a discussions
  • Receive 15 hours of video & 100 page manual
  • Start at any time and work at your own pace
  • Receive a Yoga Alliance Certificate (RYT)

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Online Aerial YTT

Learn To Fly

This course provides you with all you need to become a skilled aerial practitioner and confident instructor. Included are video modules, daily live classes, course manual, teaching assessments and certificate. Ulu Yoga is a registered school with Yoga Alliance and has led over 100 aerial yoga teacher trainings since 2014.

***This course is 50% cheaper than coming to Thailand or Bali.  

***Plus your tuition serves as credit to attend a physical course.


ULU Yoga Style

ULU Aerial Yoga mixes traditional yoga with physical therapy and acrobatics to create a challenging and fun practice for beginners and advanced practitioners. Ulu Yoga uses their own cushioned aerial swing, which is popular around the world, but you can also use regular aerial hammocks.


Live Classes

There are daily live classes from ULU Yoga’s 200hr YTT. Topics including hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, anatomy and aerial. Classes are a mix of q&a and practice. Classes are recorded so you can watch later if you can’t make the time. There is also a messenger group to discuss the course and a Facebook group to connect with other students.



The best way to improve is recording your self-practice and watching the playback in split screen along with the course videos. You must also submit your teaching exams, which an instructor will review and give feedback. Just do your best, it takes time to develop and grow and we are here to support you. 


Course Manual

Please read this course manual, which contains over 100 pictures and detailed descriptions for 70 poses. Also included are sections on safety, rigging, history, anatomy, lesson plans and evaluation.



Upon completing this Aerial Yoga Teacher Training you will receive a certificate of completion from ULU Yoga who is a 500hr Registered School with Yoga Alliance 198078. RYT can apply this as a Yoga Alliance Certificate of Continuing Education. 



Aerial Analytics


  1. Practice along to the Analytics videos:
  2. Practice teaching the videos. Watch the videos again. Stop every 5 minutes and practice teaching that segment.

Aerial Analytics 1 - 54:29min

Aerial Analytics 2 - 55:53min

Aerial Analytics 3 - 47:09min

Aerial Analytics 4 - 44:43min



Aerial Practice


  1. Record yourself practicing each class.
  2. Watch your videos and fill out an evaluation form for each one.

Aerial Vinyasa with Minty - 1:14:06min

Restorative Aerial with Minty - 1:13:23min

Aerial Vinyasa with Edward 1 - 1:33:45min

Aerial Vinyasa with Edward 2 - 1:15:10min



Aerial Workshops


  1. Watch each video, but do not practice along. 20min
  2. Record yourself practicing along with each video. For Thai Massage you will need a partner. For acrobatics don’t go beyond your level. 20min
  3. Watch your videos and fill out an evaluation form for each one. 20min
  4. Practice more. Because of the high level of skill and difficulty of these workshops you should review and practice more. Feel free to experiment and create new acrobatic and massage techniques, but be safe. You can also work with a partner. 1hr

Aerial Thai Massage 10:40min

Aerial Acrobatics 11:02min





  1. Watch the videos. 30min
  2. Design your own 5min choreography by yourself or with a partner or group. 1hr
  3. Record yourself performing your choreography 2 times. 10min
  4. Watch your videos and fill for each one. 10min

Aerial Choreography - 4:26

Blacklight Aerial - 24:45min



Teaching Practice Observation


  1. Watch the video of students doing teaching practice from past trainings. 30min
  2. Pause the video every few minutes and describe what you see in your evaluation form. 30min

Teaching Practice - 32:55



Teaching Exam


  1. Design an original 75min class. Use the provided templates for guidance or make your own. 60min
  2. Practice teaching your class. 75min
  3. Record yourself teaching the class by yourself or with another student. 75min
  4. Watch your video and fill out an evaluation form. 75min
  5. Upload your teaching exams to Google Drive or Drop Box and share with [email protected]
  6. An instructor will review your work and give you feedback, which you must review.



Aerial Tripod


  1. Watch the videos 40min
  2. Create your own tripod with bamboo, wooden poles, pvc pipe or steel pipe. 60min
  3. Record yourself putting the tripod up and down and giving a demonstration of poses. 20min
  4. Watch your video and fill out an evaluation form. 20min
  5. *If this is too difficult you can instead design a second original 75min class like in PART SIX.

How to Make a Bamboo Tripod - 22:17min

River Aerial Tripod 10:21min 

Beach Aerial Tripod - 10:28min





  1. Spend some time each day studying the manual, which includes sections on safety, rigging, history of aerial, asana analytics, lesson plans and quiz.
  2. You may also use this time for practicing poses, working more on your original class, or doing other yoga practice to build strength or stretch as your body requires.



Live Classes


ULU Yoga features daily live classes on our regular 200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings. Please join 10 hours of classes to help build strength, balance and flexibility to succeed with aerial and learn more about yoga in general. Topics includes traditional hatha and vinyasa yoga, anatomy, philosophy and teaching methodology. There are no live aerial classes. But if enough students join the aerial course we will add Aerial Q&A live class.


Total 50hrs